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Born in 1922, 94 year-old Lubov (which means love in Russian) has had two children, two grand children, and four great grand children. During the war she was drafted into the Red Army to work in a field hospital in Grozny, Chechnya.

“The city was always in fire," she recalls. She was 21 years old when she started to work as a nurse in the Grozny field hospital. “My task was to dress soldiers' wounds and change their bandages regularly," she explains. “I also wrote letters to the parents who lost their son in various battles." Lubov was later decorated by the Red Army for her courage during the defence of the Caucasus against German forces.

Born in Odessa, Ukraine in a Jewish family of intellectuals and scientists, when asked about the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia, she kept calm and replied with a strong sense of realism: “It is very sad what is happening in the Donbass. The Minsk accords are not being respected, and the propaganda works on both sides." She also added that Russia now is a better nation then during the USSR in terms of freedom of expression. “Before, when someone did not agree with the government, they were thrown in jail, or simply eliminated!”