Shiite Iraqi Militia Defies US, ISIS

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Karbala, Iraq
May 2, 2015

The Iraqi Shiite militia Saraya al-Salam (Peace Brigades), which is led by cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, held a military parade in Karbala in defiance of a recent US Congress bill to send weapons to Sunni and Kurdish fighters directly.
While fighters of various ages chanted slogans against the United States as well as ISIS, a member of the Provincial Council of Karbala who supports Sadr said in an interview that Saraya al-Salam are able to push ISIS out of the areas it still controls.


SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Nasser Hassani, Member of the Provincial Council of Karbala
02:00 – 02:43

“In fact, this demonstration is spontaneous and came in support of the leader [Muqtada al-Sadr] to condemn the decision taken by the US – the different political parties in the US – to divide Iraq. This is the beginning of Iraq’s division, and the leader has mentioned this issue. On the other hand, concerning the liberation of Iraqi territories held by ISIS, we are ready to act upon the request of the leader. We have prepared ourselves and set an excellent example for each patriotic individual who loves Iraq and loves his country.”