Shiite Iraqi Fighters Claim to Capture ISIS Execution Site

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Tikrit, Iraq
March 13, 2015

This video shows Shiite militia fighters in Buajil near Tikrit. A fighter states that al-Ghadab Battalions, part of the military wing of the Daawa party, the Islamic Resistance, have retaken and completely “cleansed” Buajil.
The fighter also claims that the filmed site is where ISIS fighters executed Iraqi soldiers who were brought from Speicher military base. A large number of wrecked buildings and burned vehicles also appear in the video.


00:08 – 00:44
“This is the Buajil area; you can see [fighters from] the Islamic Resistance the military wing of the Daawa party – al-Ghadab Battalions – inside Buajil. The area has been completely cleansed. You can see ISIS vehicles completely wrecked. After painstaking work, al-Ghadab Battalions from the Islamic Resistance managed to bomb this area with mortar shells and completely destroy houses and cars. Watch the homes of ISIS members completely destroyed. There is nothing left for them.”


01:42 – 02:07
“They brought the martyrs from Speicher base to this specific site. They were executed in this house in front me. This area is now empty of residents and ISIS rats.”