Family Killed after Alleged Airstrike in Ibb

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The video shows the aftermath of an alleged coalition airstrike that hit a civilian house in the city of Ibb on Monday, April 13th. Civilians gathered at the site to help with the rescue efforts.
According to witnesses, 13 members of the same family died when the top floor was hit by a missile, collapsing the building. People then marched on the streets protesting against the airstrikes.

The airstrike targeted a sports hall and severely damaged adjacent residential buildings. The spokesperson for the Saudi-led military campaign Brigadier-General Ahmad al-Assiri said in a recent statement that Houthi fighters are using sports facilities to store ammunition.


SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Unnamed Injured

Interviewer: May you be healed. What happened to you?
Interviewer: Do you live near the stadium?


02:54- 05:04
NAT Sound (Arabic) People cheering at a pro-Houthi rally

“We shall sacrifice our soul and blood for you, Yemen.” “One Yemeni blood.” “O cowardly Saudi, you are an agent of the Americans.” “One Yemeni people; one Yemeni army.”

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Jamil Qassem Abdu Hizam Bu-Hussein, A relative of the victims
05:04 – 05:58

“The victims… Interviewer: Your name, your name…
“My name is Jamil Qassem Abdu Hizam Bu-Hussein. The victims are members of Abdu Ali Mohammad Hizam Bu-Hussein’s family, my cousin. There were 13 people in the house. Today we took five of them out, we also took two girls out yesterday while the remaining ones are under the rubble. Interviewer: What is your message to the House of Saud?
My message to the house of Saud is that they are damned for eternity. Thanks be to God for what happened. God willing, we shall shake the ground under the Saudis.”