Civilian Homes Bear the Trunt of Airstrikes in al-Dali, Yemen

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The 33rd Armored Brigade, loyal to former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and backed up by the Houthis, try and force their way into the city of Al-Dali.

Video shows explosions from the 33rd Armored Brigade's bombardment of civilian homes in Al-Dali, near the telecommunication center.

The video shows fighters from the 33rd Armored Brigade and Houthi militias deploying heavy artillery between civilian homes in the southern part of the city.

According to local sources, the Houthi troops were not able to advance into the city and are facing heavy resistance from the al-Herak al-Janubi.

Also seen are Houthi anti-aircraft guns firing at airplanes.

Al Dali is seen as a major route to to Yemen's southern provinces and has recently witnessed clashed between the Houthis and al-Herak al-Janubi ("Southern Movement") separatists.

Meanwhile, Saudi Air Force and their allies have been striking Houthis positions across Yemen since Wednesday March 25, 2015.

Shot list:

Various of bombing on al-Dali city

Various of 33rd Armed Brigade and Houthi fighters and armored vehicles

Moving shot of anti-aircraft machinegun firing at the sky

Various of bombing on al-Dali city

Moving shot of fighters, armored vehicles and Yemeni flag