Haftar Forces Patrol Deserted Benghazi Neighborhood

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Benghazi, Libya
March 24, 2015

Fighters loyal to the internationally recognized Libyan government based in Tobruk are seen in this video scouting the Al-Lethi neighborhood of Benghazi, less than one hundred meters from what they say are ISIS outposts. Soldiers snake between deserted and damaged civilian houses, searching for Islamist militants.

Fighting between Islamist militias and forces loyal to Lt. General Khalifa Haftar has ravaged the Libyan city of Benghazi, even though fighting has diminished. Reports indicate that Haftar's forces currently have the upper hand over the Islamist Libya Dawn military coalition. According to a Transterra Media contributor, significant casualties have put the local hospital under pressure to provide adequate medial care as supplies are thinning out.


  1. Wide of damaged civilian houses in Al-Lethi residential area
  2. Medium of civilian house damage due to clashes
  3. Close-up of empty bullet shells on the ground, background of army soldiers and army volunteers
  4. Medium of army soldier holding heavy machinegun
  5. Tilt-up of heavy machinegun and soldier
  6. Medium of army mounted truck parked in the middle of the street
  7. Medium of soldiers and volunteers carrying machineguns walking on the street
  8. Medium of damaged civilian car and fighters in front of civilian house in the background
  9. Medium of fighters standing in front of civilian house getting ready to search the house
  10. Wide of insecure area in Al-Lethi seen from sniper hole in high building
  11. Medium of insecure area road blocked with shipping containers
  12. Medium of fighters entering house for scouting
  13. Medium of fighters moving between houses through a hole in the wall
  14. Tilt-up of machinegun and fighters on patrol
  15. Medium of fighter holding machinegun and walking across street
  16. Close-up of spent bullet shells on the street and fighter holding machinegun
  17. Various of damaged civilian buildings in unsecured part of Al-Lith residential area
  18. Medium of army soldiers and army volunteers scouting civilian house
  19. Medium of damaged civilian minivan and fighters walking on the street


  1. soundbite (Arabic)
    Mohammed Musa, Army Volunteer: "We are on Al-Lethi frontline and this road is the only thing that separates from ISIS fighters. It is a matter of time; victory is a matter of time. God willing, we are just waiting for orders from the general command."
  2. soundbite (Arabic)
    Brayek Moftah, Army Soldier: "We are now in Lamloum Land (Part of Al-Lethi) frontline, and very [short distance] is left between us and ISIS fighters. I would like pay my respect to all the martyrs. I would also like to say that the country is in a bad situation."