Tunisians and Foreigners Rally Against Terror

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Protests erupted outside the National Bardo Museum in Tunis where an attack left 23 people dead the day before. Citizens and visitors speak out against the attacks.

Tunisian authorities have taken nine suspects into custody amid an ongoing search for the perpetrators of the attack.


  1. soundbite (French)
    Mehdi Trabelsi, Artist: It’s a special moment, when I really don’t know what to think, what I should do. So, I decided to come to show physically that I am not ok with this. To show that there is no room for this ideology in Tunisia, in this nation.
  2. soundbite (French)
    Chistianne Schmelzer, Retiree from Switzerland: I think that if we’re pacifists, if we want justice to win, we must be here. There’s no choice. Otherwise, we’re lazy. In Tunisia, we’re about believing in liberty, continuing towards democracy, being united. To the victims… well, what can we say in these moments? I think there’s nothing to say apart from carrying them in our hearts. And to the terrorists: You will not win. Besides, it’s not a war. You’re all prisoners, prisoners of indoctrination. It’s you who are in prison, not us.
  3. soundbite (French)
    Yamina Tabet, President of the Tunisian Association to Support Minorities : What happened at the Bardo Museum, is symbolically important. Our nation was hit during one of the proudest moments in its history. It took a hit in tourism and in the economy. I don’t like talking about money, even less so tourism, especially when we lost human lives. We lost twenty-three. Today the count is at twenty-three victims. It’s serious. Today, Tunisia realizes perfectly that we are at war. We’re ready to stand, hand-in-hand. Tunisien citizens are not afraid. They’ve responded by gathering today. Even yesterday, only hours after the attack. So, Tunisia is standing. Tunisia has bled, but is standing. Tunisia is hasn’t finished yet. On the contrary Tunisia will continue.