ISIS Issues Resident ID Cards in Raqqa

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DISCLAIMER: This video was shot with the approval of the Islamic State. The appearance of these videos on the Transterra Media website does not in anyway constitute an endorsement by Transterra Media of any claims or statements made in this video.

Video shows the civil status office in Raqqa, ISIS' biggest stronghold in Syria. Syrian citizens can be seen handing over their IDs issued by the Syrian government and receiving ones given to them by ISIS authorities. Ibrahim is applying for a birth certificate for his 1-year old son Sufian who, according to his father, was born when the Free Syrian Army was still in control of the city. At the time, government offices were closed and he was not able to obtain the proper documentation. Today he says that he is grateful that the “Islamic State” is reactivating government services.


Various of ISIS traffic police
Various of ISIS police (al-Hisba) vehicles broadcasting calls for prayer
Various of vehicle broadcasting ISIS anthem
Vaious of street food stands
Various of fighter carrying a rifle and a baby at the market
Various of people in park
Wide of ISIS’ Personal Status Office (PSO)
Various of people entering PSO to apply for IDs
Various of people applying for IDs
Close-ups of retrieved IDs issued by the Syrian government
Various of preparing new IDs
Close-up of personal status data displayed on computer
Various of entering data related to new IDs using computers
Various of people being given their new IDs
Various of Raqqa resident Khaled and his baby Sufian inside taxi on their way to PSO
Various of Khaled and his baby Sufian entering PSO
Various of ISIS employee filling in information for birth certificate
Various of man applying for birth certificate
Various of witness singing application
Various of witnesses signing application
Various of application process

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man) Ibrahim, the father of baby Sufian whose birth certificate is being issued
04:16 – 04:52

“In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate. I had a newborn about a year ago. You can see him. He is about one year old. At that time, the Free Syrian Army was present and there were no government offices.
Thanks be to God, now that the Islamic State is present, government offices are being gradually activated. One of these departments is the Personal Status Office, where they [ISIS members] are registering newly born babies.”

Various of Khaled receiving birth certificate and leaving building
Various of street food stands
Wide of perfume shop
Various of shops
Various of al-Dalla Roundabout
Wide of men praying in the street
Wide of billboard calling people to pay Zaqat (Islamic alms)
Wide of propaganda billboard that reads: “Now… now… the fighting has come.”
Wide of street
Wide of propaganda billboard that reads: “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger.”