Cameroonian Army Battles Boko Haram

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February 16, 17, 2015
Fotokol; Amchide; Kolofata, Northern Cameroon

Cameroonian special forces soldiers from the Batallion d'Intervention Rapide (B.I.R.), or Rapid Intervention Battalion patrol villages and battle Boko Haram fighters along the Cameroonian-Nigerian border between the towns of Fotokol, Kolofata, and Amchide.

Located in the extreme north of Cameroon, along the Nigerian frontier, these towns have been the scene of intense fighting between Boko Haram and both Cameroonian and Nigerian troops, who have been trying to secure the porous border. The town of Fotokol was the scene of a massacre of 70 civilians by Boko Haram in early February. Cameroonian troops are now participating in an African Union funded alliance aimed at encircling and finishing off Boko Haram. The alliance also includes Nigeria, Niger, Chad, and Benin. An assault by Cameroonian forces against Boko Haram in the Nigerian village of Ndaba on March 13, 14, 2015 highlights the cross border nature of this ongoing battle.

This footage includes shots of Cameroonian troops engaging Boko Haram in Fotokol and Amchide; shots of civilians fleeing the fighting; shots of dead civilians killed by Boko Haram; an interview with a survivor of the Fotokol massacre; and shots of the river separating Nigeria and Cameroon near Fotokol.


  1. 00:00-00:38: Cameroonian Rapid Intervention Battalion patrols the recaptured Cameroonian border town of Fotokal, Cameroon (Feb. 16, 2015).
  2. 00:39-00:53: Cameroonian Rapid Intervention Battalion battles Boko Haram on the outskirts of Amchid.
  3. 00:54-01:21: Cameroonian Rapid Intervention Battalion patrols the streets of Amchide, while civilians flee the nearby fighting (Feb 17, 2015).
  4. 01:22-01:37: Cameroonian Rapid Intervention Battalion patrols the streets of Kolofata, Cameroon (Feb 17, 2015).
  5. 01:38-04:30: Cameroonian Rapid Intervention Battalion battles Boko Haram in Kolofata, Cameroon (Feb. 17, 2015).
  6. 04:30-04:43: Dead civilians killed by Boko Haram litter the streets of Kolofata as Cameroonian forces stand guard (Feb. 17, 2015).
  7. 04:44-04:50: Street shots of Fotokol, Cameroon (Feb. 16, 2015).
  8. 04:51-04:57: The El Beid Ebeji River located on the edge of Fotokol. The River also serves as the border between Cameroon and Nigeria (Feb. 16, 2015).
  9. 04:58-07:16: INTERVIEW [English] Farmer from Fotokol (name withheld) describes the moment Boko Haram took control of the village and killed his family. He also describes the affect of the war on farming and the recent security improvements brought on by the Cameroonian Army offensive (Feb. 16, 2015).