Badr Corps and Iraqi Army Shell ISIS Positions Near Tikrit

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March 5, 2015
Tikrit, Iraq

In conjunction with Iraqi Army soldiers, Shiite fighters from the Badr Corps advance towards the al-Alam area of northern Tikrit, supported by helicopter. The video shows the soldiers firing on a vehicle in the distance, which they claim is laden with explosives, until it blows up. It also shows the fighters driving through the liberated villages in convoys before reaching the frontline of the battle, where begin firing on ISIS positions with automatic weapons and RPGs. The troops claim to have liberated around 30 villages in the Salahuddin province en route to al-Alam.

In an interview with a Badr militia commander, the latter identified the vehicle laden with explosives but blown up in the video as having been sent by ISIS to thwart their advance. He also claims that, thanks to the help of the Prophet and Ali (the son-in-law of Mohammed and revered by Shiites), they suffered zero casualties or injuries.


Abu Hassan, Field Commander
(Man, Arabic) (06:42-07:04)

Over 30 villages were liberated but the most important liberated villages were al-Boueitha, al-Boutalha, al-Bouchenif and the area of Hemreen and its surrounding villages. We are heading now to the frontline of Sheikh Mohamad. All the units will meet here and head to Tikrit from the al-Alam road.

(07:05-07:39) Abbas, Fighter
(Man, Arabic)

We are now in Salah al-din near al-Alam and will reach al-Alam either this afternoon or at worst very early tomorrow morning.

We have enough people. We faced a bunch of them in cars this morning and beat them.

They sent us a vehicle planted with explosives, but we were able to destroy it with cannons before it reached us. They were not able to kill or injure any of our men. Prophet Mohamad and Ali are on our side.