Shiite Badr Militia Attacks ISIS Positions in Tikrit

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March 4, 2015
Tikrit, Iraq

Fighters belonging to the militia of the Shiite Badr Organization clash with ISIS militants in the village of Ad-Dawr, Iraq south of Tikrit. Militia leaders say ISIS was forced to retreat, giving Badr fighters control of the village. During the battle Mustafa al-Amiri, son of the Badr militia commander Hadi al-Amiri was injured.


(00:24) Fighters chanting: "Labayk ya Hussein [We are answering the call of Hussein]." "Labayki ya Zahraa [We are answering the call of Zahraa]."

(04:07) Fighter 1: "We are at the front line with the enemy, it is a tactical attack for the military forces who started to move forward, Victory is ours."

(05:37) Fighter 2: "We will not withdraw, until the last minute, only death can take us back to our families before retrieving Najaf. There is noway we are going back, and we want to avenge our martyrs in Spiker."

(07:05) Fighter 3: "We ask God to help us achieve our goal, for the sake of al-Hussein, the martyr in Kerbala. We ask God to help us achieve victory against our enemies, for the sake of al-Huseein, al-Zahraa, Abi Abdullah al-Hussein, and Ahl al-Bayt [the people of the House]."

(08:32) Fighter 4: "Those are the people who killed the martyrs in Spiker. We will avenge them, until we reach Mosul."