Presidential Palace in Yemen Abandoned to Houthis after President Flees

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February 21, 2015
Sanaa, Yemen

Video shows Houthi takeover of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi's residential compound after he disguised himself to escape Sanaa and fly to his hometown of Aden in the south. Hadi had been under weeks of house arrest by the Shiite Houthi militia, who allegedly looted his property soon after his departure. The UN denies having assisted him in returning to Aden, a port city south of Sanaa and the country's fourth largest.

Video shows the presidential palace's abandoned gates and Houthi convoys patrolling the perimeter.


  1. 00:06-00:15 Blocked entrance of presidential residence
  2. 00:15-00:19 Image of presidential portrait
  3. 00:19-00:29 RPGs left at the gates of presidential residence
  4. 00:29-00:32 Humvee in front of presidential residence
  5. 00:32-00:36 Roadblocks
  6. 00:36-01:24 Heavily armed Houthi fighters in truck man the entrance to presidential compound