Ukrainian Hockey Struggles amid Conflict [B-ROLL]

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The PHL was once Ukraine's top hockey league but nothing remains of the league after the strains of corruption and conflict caused its demise.

"When all the conflict started in East Ukraine, I realized that we are not going to have our championship," says Alexander Karolyuk, a former PHL player.

Left behind are the Young Ukrainian men who returned from leagues around the world to play in the PHL. These established hockey players have few options now that their former strongest hockey ally Russia has invaded their country.

Since the war began many Russian KHL teams simply refuse to sign Ukrainian players, and many Ukrainian players can't even contemplate leaving to play in that country. Many have been forced to retire and find civilian jobs while others have chosen to forego fighting on the ice to fight for their country. Some have died doing so.


  1. W/S - Alexander Karolyuk walks in his neighborhood after the exhibition game.
  2. M/S - Players sit on the bench, waiting to take the ice.
  3. M/S - Players talk with a referee during the game.
  4. W/S- Players leave the ice and head to the locker room.
  5. M/S - Players suit up in the locker room.
  6. W/S - Players suit up in the locker room.
  7. W/S - Players enter the rink from the locker room before the game.
  8. W/S - Players take the ice.
  9. W/S - Players leave the ice after warm-ups.
  10. Extra Wide - Hockey action.
  11. W/S - Players get on and off the ice during warm -ups.
  12. M/S - The back of the net as players take warm-up shots.
  13. M/S (Pan) - The Zamboni driver watches his line as he cleans the ice.
  14. C/U - Fans watch the game.
  15. W/S (Pan) - Teams line up on the ice for the Ukrainian national anthem.
  16. M/S - Teams line up on the ice for the Ukrainian national anthem.
  17. C/U - Fans watch the game.
  18. W/S - The two teams shake hands before the game.
  19. M/S - The referee drops the puck, starting the game.
  20. M/S - Hockey action (goaltender)
  21. W/S - Players wait on the bench for a shift change.
  22. M/S - Aytek's goaltender drinks water with his mask off.
  23. W/S & M/S - Hockey action
  24. M/S - Players watch from the bench.
  25. M/S - The goaltender prepares for play.
  26. M/S - Hockey action.
  27. W/S - Players warm-up between periods.
  28. M/S - Players warm up, the goaltender stretches between periods.
  29. W/S - Stands are half-empty of spectators.