Scores Killed in Egypt Football Violence

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February 8, 2015
Cairo, Egypt

More than 20 people were killed when a riot broke out on Sunday February 8, night outside a major football stadium in Cairo causing a stampede and fighting between police and fans, authorities said.

The bodies of victims were transported in ambulances to the Zeinhom morgue in Cairo.

The riot, three years after similar violence killed 74 people, began ahead of a match between Egyptian Premier League clubs Zamalek and ENPPI at Air Defence Stadium east of Cairo.

Egyptian authorities ordered the arrest of the leaders of the Zamalek supporters group, Ultras White Knights, according to state media.

This video includes footage of dead bodies being transported into the morgue as well as angry crowds condemning the killing of the football fans.


  • Wide of ambulance
  • Wide of paramedics carrying dead body. NAT Sound: “Oh dear son. May your family have patience.”
  • Various of paramedics transporting dead body

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Man)
01:06 – 01:21
- "We are not terrorists. It is only a false accusation. They call us terrorists. Where is the terrorism if someone was cheering [for a football team]? These are the White Knights fans and there were also the Ahli Ultras. Everyday people are dying.”

  • Wide of paramedics moving dead body inside morgue

SOUNDBITE (Arabic, Men)
01:33 – 01:46
- “A man went to the stadium wearing the Zamalek jersey. He was wearing his team’s jersey and going to cheer for his team. They said that he was a terrorist. May God help us against them.”

  • "Should a man be killed if he did not have a ticket with him.”

  • Wide of crowd knocking on door through which dead body was taken

  • Various of crowd gathering and filming