Wounded Dutch Kurdish YPG Fighter (re-edit)

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Interview with Richard Jansen (aka "Sarahat Bhotan") at Qamishili YPG Military Hospital, "Nexwesxaneya S.Xebat"


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    Andrew Nunn “Hey man, so your name is Richard, right?” Sarahat Bhotan “Yeah” AN "So If you could, could you answer a few questions for me? I know you’re in a lot of pain, and I really appreciate your time. So… Where are you from?” SB “Holland” AN “Uhh… Where at in Holland?” SB “Spykenesse (laughs)” AN “How old are you?” SB “40” AN “You’re 40?” SB “Yeah” AN “What made you want to come join the YPG?” SB “To help Kurdish people” AN "Is your family Kurdish?” SB “No” AN “No? Do you have any previous military experience that would help the YPG forces?” SB “Yeah… Yeah, 5 years French Foreign Legion. Special Forces.” AN “5 years where?” SB “Special Forces. French Foreign Legion. I been on interviews all over. Washington Post, ITO News. I just don’t know what happened” AN “You don’t know what happened?” SB “No. Someone got IED on me.” AN “Uh, where were you… Like… Where were you when you were wounded? What city?” SB “I don’t know.” AN “You don’t remember?” SB "I don’t remember anything. They just told me I got IED on my head. They screwed me over.” AN “Do you remember what you were in?” SB “What unit?” AN “Yes” SB “(unintelligible) Foreign Legion. (unintelligible) Foreign… Foreigners unit. There’s nothing left from that unit.” AN “There’s nothing left from that unit?” SB “No… I got transferred from (unintelligible). Then this fucking IED happened.” AN “How long have you been here?” SB “I don’t know. Since 14th.” AN "Since yesterday?" SB "No. Since 14th. 11th. Hospital you mean? I been here since 14th. I’m on TV man. You can read everything about me." AN “Is there anything you’d like to say to your friends back in Holland?” SB “No.” AN “Is there anyone that you miss back there?” SB “My mom.” AN “Your mother, who’s back in Holland?” SB “Yeah. I just don’t know what happened man. I just blacked out.” AN "So you’re a Dutch citizen, you said earlier?" SB “Yeah” AN “Would you like to go back to Holland?” SB “No” AN “Would you prefer staying here in Rojava?” SB “Yeah” AN “Alright man. Thank you very much for your time. I don’t know if my friends have any questions for you. But would it be ok if they ask?” SB “If you can contact Roe… Roel… The Dutch reporter from ITO. Do you know Roel?” Censored SB “Eh?” AN “Yeah.” SB “You know ITO news?” AN “ITO news?” SB “ITO news. I lost my phone, man.” AN "You lost your phone?” SB “Yeah” Censored SB “R-O-E-L. He knows everything about me. Censored SB “Yeah" UJ “Which one, do you want us to tell him something?” SB “Yes” Censored SB “What happened.” AN “Was he embedded with your unit when you were wounded?” SB “No he came to ho… To here.” AN “To the hospital here?” SB "No, he came to interview me."