Greek Elections B-ROLL: Athens City Scenes and Landmarks

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  1. W/S - Greek Parliament
  2. W/S (long) - Greek Parliament with fountain in foreground
  3. W/S - People walk up a touristic street in Athens
  4. M/S - Souvenir shops line a touristic street in Athens
  5. W/S - A sign for the Syriza party is posted along a busy avenue
  6. M/S - A torn advertisement adorns a bus stop in central Athens
  7. W/S - Greek soldiers stand guard outside the Parliament building
  8. W/S - The Greek flag waves atop the Parliament building
  9. M/S - The entrance to the OAED - Greece's state-run employment agency, is covered with tape from torn-down job postings
  10. M/S - A sign for the OAED employment agency
  11. W/S - Two Greek flags adorn the Parliament building
  12. W/S - A man searches for usable materials in a dumpster in Athens
  13. M/S - A statue of Socrates overlooks Syntagma square in central Athens. The Greek flag waves in the background
  14. W/S - Political posters cover the barriers to a construction site in central Athens
  15. W/S - A tourist takes a photo of the Parthenon, now under construction
  16. M/S - The Parthenon is under construction
  17. W/S - The changing of the Guards outside the Greek Parliament