Interview with a Canadian ISIS Fighter

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Interview with Canadian ISIS Fighter Abou Tourab Al Canadi on January 22nd 2015 in Raqqa, Syria.


  1. soundbite (English)
    Abou Tourab Al Canadi , ISIS Fighter from Canada: In the name of God and Praise be to God, prayers and praise to the Messenger of God. I came to the Islamic State so I can live under Sharia and fight in the path of God as to make His word the highest. As Ibn Tamima, God bless his soul, states that the first obligation after Iman [Faith] is to repel those who regress on our worldy and religious affairs .
  2. soundbite (English)
    Abou Tourab Al Canadi, ISIS Fighter from Canada: To my Muslim brothers and sisters in the home of Kufr [Infidelity], I urge you to make Hijra to the Land of Al Sham [Syria] and to the Islamic State, but if you can not you have already seen what the brothers have done in Ottawa and what they’ve done in Quebec. I urge to emulate them and to fight the Kufar where ever you find them. You do not need to come here to fight them. You can find them outside your door steps. For jihad today you do not need to come all the way here to wage war. They’re around you; you live amongst them. It's easy, you find one and kill him and khalas [enough] that’s it.