Protest and clashes in bahrain

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16 January, 2015
Bahrain, Manama

This video was shot on Friday 16 January 2015 in al-Bilad al-Kadim and shows the continuing demonstrations demanding the release of The shiite Sheikh Ali Salman, and the conflicts with the police that happen daily. The police use tear gas, tanks, law suits, and imprisoning to suppress these demonstrations.

Anti government demonstrations in Bahrain started in February 2011, influenced by the wave of uprisings in the Arab world at the beginning of 2011.

The demonstrations were led by the opposition in Bahrain, who demanded political, economic, and social adjustments.

Bahraini police suppressed the demonstrations in the central al-Loaloa square, which caused the people to move their protest to their villages demanding freedom.

In every demonstration in Bahrain, the people come into conflict with the police who fire tear gas and bullets into the crowd, resulting in injury or death.

In 28 December 2014, Sheikh Ali Salman was taken prisoner, he is the general-secretary in The Shia al-Wifak opposition organization. From that day the demonstrations have not stopped all over Bahrain. al-Bilad al-Kadim, Sheikh Ali Salman's home neighborhood, is the center of demonstrations in the capital of Manama.