Mortars Fired at Shiite Pilgrims

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December 12, 2014
Karbala, Iraq

Approximately 20 mortars were dropped on the night of Thursday, December 11, 2014, in inhabited areas in the west neighborhoods of Karbala.
According to eye witnesses, the mortars were fired from the border of al-Hizam al-Akhdar area, using a mobile platform placed in the back of a pickup truck, and landed two kilometers from the holy shrines in the center of Karbala.
The same local source claimed that the shelling caused at least one death and 20 injuries, including children, and damaged some homes.

The attack comes as millions of Shiites from all over the world head to holy shrines in Karbala to commemorate the death of Imam Hussein ibn Ali, the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson. This is a religious tradition Shiite Muslims have been observing for over 1300 years.


Um Nour (Woman, Arabic):

"His brother is in the hospital, and their younger son is in the hospital. He is the only one who died. Nobody else died."

Interviewer: What happened yesterday?

"A mortar hit, it was dropped in their backyard, go check it out. It was big to the extent that our stuff fell on the ground."

Um Hussein (Woman, Arabic):

"Yesterday at 11:30pm, a missile was dropped on their house. They have five children and they are all young. The youngest is one year and a half old. They were great people, we have been their neighbors for 20 years."