Iraqi Forces Retake Ramadi from ISIS

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November 29, 2014
Ramadi, Anbar, Iraq

Heavy artillery was used on both sides in fierce clashes as Iraqi government forces and local tribal fighters formed an alliance and drove ISIS fighters out of the Sijariyya suburb of Ramadi, capital of the Anbar province. Iraqi officials said that the country's military launched a major operation to retake this part of the city, that ISIS claimed to have seized on November 21st. Before they retreated, ISIS fighters planted a large number of explosive devices in buildings on several streets which the army have been trying to defuse.

Policeman, (man, Arabic):
(03:32-04:23) "We defused the bombs we found in these houses and helped families get out of them. They [ISIS] planted bombs in these houses and streets. Four people have died as a result of these explosions. We are ready to defuse all the bombs they have planted. Inshallah we will defeat them and liberate all these towns."