Egypt Widens Gaza Buffer Zone, Homes Destroyed


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November 20, 2014
Rafah, Egypt

The video shows buildings being blown up, destroyed homes and abandoned tunnels in Rafah on the Egyptian-Palestinian border.
80 year old sheikh Omar, a resident of the town, cries over the loss of his home.

Egypt’s cabinet issued a decision on October 29 to create a “buffer zone” in Rafah, North Sinai, on the country’s Eastern border with the Palestinian Gaza Strip. The decision aimed to clear 500 meters of the border area with Gaza of civilians. On Monday, November 17, the Egyptian authorities decided to double the depth of the “buffer zone” to 1,000 meters.

On Wednesday, November 19, a North Sinai official told the state-owned Middle East News Agency, MENA, that Egypt’s armed forces have so far destroyed 700 houses to create the “buffer zone” adding that the remaining houses in the area will be destroyed within the coming few days. The official said that the government has so far paid around 63 million Egyptian pounds in compensation to displaced Rafah residents.

The Egyptian authorities decided to create a "buffer zone" as one of the steps taken in response to militant attacks on security personnel in northern Sinai on October 24, which left over 33 killed.


00:27 Is this your house?

Omar, Resident of Rafah:
00:30 Why do you think I am crying then? I am crying for the life I just lost.

00:40 May God be with us

00:46 We are leaving behind a whole era, and now they are slaughtering me. There is no power but of God.

01:10 Thanks be to God. I have nothing left.

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