Kidnapped by ISIS and Forced to Convert to Islam

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Qamishli (Northern East Syria, close to the Turkish border): a Christian man tells when he was at the mercy of the Isis, forced to convert to Islam and threatened to be beheaded


  1. 00:00-03:39 Antra, the man who has been kidnapped by Isis, with his wife and his two kids in his house in Qamishli
  2. 03:38-04:30 Close up on Antra's mother eyes and face and on Antra's eyes and face Soundbites


  1. soundbite (Arabic)
    Antra, Christian man of Qamishli kidnapped by Isis: 04:35-05:00 "They constantly hit the people and tortured them with electric wires. Sometimes, they tied their hands to the ceiling and left them hanging for hours."
  2. soundbite (Arabic)
    not said, Antra's mother: 05:00-05:16 I was afraid he wouldn't have come back. I thought he would have left his two poor children orphaned.
  3. soundbite (Arabic)
    Antra, Christian man of Qamishli kidnapped by Isis: 05:16-07:47 I thought they would cut my head. I thought about it every day. They showed me those videos and they said: “Look how we cut the heads to these Christians”. I thought it would have happened to me soon. They wanted me to convert to Islam. I didn't want to but my fellow prisoners told me “Do what they want, do not be stubborn”. Then a Saudi guy ordered to blindfold me, to tie me up and to take me to the place to be executed. I was terrified: I can not even tell you how I felt. I couldn't understand a thing. Try to imagine that someone tells you “Come, we are going to cut your head”. I was afraid, so afraid. But in the end they decided to take me to a judge. He was a Tunisian and he saved me. That Tunisian guy ordered all the prisoners to be released. In the end I would have agreed to convert to Islam in order to have my life saved. So, a week after I was caught, I called them and I said “Okay you convinced me, I'll be a Muslim. But first, before accepting to covert, I made a vow to the church of Mor Aho ... Three days after being released, I observed my vow: I walked barefoot ten miles to the church of Mor Aho asking to be baptized again. But now if the Isis catch me again, I won't have my life saved because I would be considered a Muslim who has renounced his faith.