Apraham's Cafe: How Coffee Can Define A Lifestyle

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68-year-old Apraham is a Lebanese Armenian who lives in Naba'a a section of Beirut's famous Armenian Ghetto known as Bourj Hammoud.
Apraham has diabetes and has no other choice but to work at his little coffee "shop" under the Bourj Hammoud bridge in order to pay for his medications. He starts work every morning at 5am in order to catch the morning worker crowd and spends the whole day serving his customers.

Coffee making on the streets of Lebanon is a famous profession, not only because it is tradition, but also for the simple fact that it is a relatively easy and accessible source of income.

Apraham's friends are loyal customers, they come and hang everyday to check on him and watch the busy streets of Bourj Hammoud. Apraham has survived all of these years thanks to the people who still enjoy gathering around his freshly pulled cups of coffee.