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Created by Anne Paq

21 Feb 2012

Artists Gaza

Abdallah A. El-Ashi practices beatboxing on his rooftop in Gaza city

ÇÊI am doing Beat Box, but not too many people know Beat Box in Gaza. This talent is new. I create all of the rhythms myself. From the age of 8, I discovered that I could make noises from my voice. I kept practicing. I have not had any show yet, but I am looking forward to have one Ðso the people of Gaza know that there is someone in Gaza who can beat box. Many people I think that it is crazy and not meaningful. Everyday they say: ÇÊwhat the hell are you doing?! This is not a talent. Stop doing it and start studying or working. But everyone has a talent and you need to practice it. Giving up is not in my dictionary.ÊÈ