Raqqa Citizens Discuss Airstrikes


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September 23, 2014
Raqqa, Syria

Secretly shot footage shows citizens in Raqqa discussing US-led airstrikes. Included are shots of the central post office on Al-Quwatly Street after a drone crashed into one of the telecommunication towers. Tal Al-abyad Street, one of the busiest streets in Raqqa, is shown empty after the attack.

Shot list:
(00:00-00:42) The post office building (00:42-00:58) Tel al-Abyad street in the center of Raqqa (00:58-01:08) The municipality building in the center of Raqqa, ISIS headquarters (01:08-02:42) Interviews with civilians (02:42-02:56) A shot of ISIS fighters near the headquarters in the center of Raqqa.


“We, the people of Raqqa, are against the American air strikes against ISIS that took place yesterday. We are against it because ISIS are spread amongst the civilians, and so, by targeting ISIS, civilians will definitely be harmed. Over 50 civilians were killed yesterday, so we do not welcome these strikes. If you want to talk about statistics, you will find that over 75% of the people in Raqqa are against the strikes.”

“Concerning the strikes launched against ISIS in Raqqa, the people are torn between accepting them and rejecting them. They reject them because it will definitely harm civilians, but on the other hand they want them because ISIS have been harming civilians and imprisoning large numbers of them ever since they took over the city."