Residential areas shelled in Donetsk despite the declared ceasefire in Ukraine

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This residential district in northern Donetsk has long been a popular battlefield between the Russian Army and Ukraine’s National Guard.

Despite the declared ceasefire signed by both sides of the conflict in Minsk on Sept. 5, 2014, Russian-sponsored militants continued to shell residential areas and other civilian buildings in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. In addition to rocket and artillery fire aimed at Ukrainian Armed Forces units, residential areas and buildings such as kindergartens, schools, hospitals and supermarkets are also being hit.

Russia’s Armed Forces are using militants from DNR and LNR, terrorist organizations disguising themselves as local militia, to carry out various provocations such shelling as civilian areas while supplying these militants with the latest in Russian military hardware.

Local civilians in eastern Ukraine trying to survive the rocket and artillery fire have no way of really knowing which side is shelling them, so they often express opinions that completely contradict each other.

Shot list:
Damaged high-rise apartment buildings after artillery shelling.
Traces of falling shells can be seen on the walls of these buildings.
The area around the buildings has traces of multiple explosions.

Stand up
Owner of a private house interwiev (in front of the ruins of his home talks about shelling the previous night)
Earlier the shelling went only in one direction but now the direction is hard to figure out .
Shells and rockets are coming from all sides now.
There was smoke right at the corner of my house.
Let me tell you, just in the last three weeks, five shells have hit our house alone.
You can see that there’s nothing left now.
Otherwise, they just shell everywhere.