Father Mourns Son Ahmed Abd-Ellatif Ahmed


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Cairo, January 10, 2012
Mubarak's trial, outside the court.

Ahmed Abd-Ellatif Ahmed was shot in Alexandria on January 28, 2011.

"I'm here for Mubarak and ex-interior minster El-adly, ..." "The trial is slow, very slow, the trial is supposed to be done in 9-10 months, and this is my fifth time attending the trial..." "I have hope, much hope in God, because I had fought for Egypt before, and I'm afraid for Egypt." "I do not want any money, I want justice for the killer."

"The one who killed my son is an investigation officer, Wa'eel El-Kommy, from the police department in El-Raml, Alexandria, on January 28, 2011." Alex Butcher - What are you going to do if Mubarak is found innocent by the court?
"Innocence? How it could be? I will execute him in the square ...we will get him...all Egyptian People condemned him." "I want all people to live, but we must have our rights, the martyrs' rights, our sons who were killed, my son is my only male son, with four females, I wished for him from God, and he was killed by dogs....I came to Cairo from Alexandria and I will continue, I will not stop. I stopped working, I will not move from here."

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