Protesters At The Trial, Chanting: Retribution!


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Cairo, January 10, 2012

Outside Mubarak's trial, protesters chant alongside a mother whose son was shot and killed in Alexandria on January 25, 2011. They chant for retribution, saying,

"I hear the martyr's mother say: Tantawi, who is responsible," "I hear the martyr's mother say: the Interior [Minister] killed my son, the army killed my son."

"I swear on your revolution again. Martyr rest in peace and wait for us at the paradise's gate,
Martyr rest in peace we'll continue struggle."

"Just go tell the Killers: Revenge between us and you for ever. Blood for blood, bullet for bullet, we ask for retribution."
"Retribution, retribution, they killed our brothers by bullet, they gave martyrs as a gift to the sniper."

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