Residents of Zakho Volunteer to Feed the Yazidi Refugees


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18 Aug 2014

Yazidi Refugee Isil Iraq Crisis

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August 18, 2014
Zakho, Iraq

Kurdish residents of Zakho, a Kurdish town in the Dohuk province on the Iraqi-Syrian border, are distributing food to Yazidi refugees from Sinjar. The residents launched a mobile kitchen that drives around the town providing daily meals to the Yazidi families that are taking refuge in schools and unfinished buildings.

Mahdi Mohamad, Volunteer cook:
This is a charity project, taken by the inhabitants of Zakho, since refugees are arriving here, we should welcome them and treat them well, concerning food and money and the government also helps.
Interviewer: we are now standing in a specific kitchen, can you explain to me who funds this place? does the government fund it, or a specific person
it is a specific person from Zakho, who does not have a goal other than helping people, he is doing bios duty and the government is doing its duty.

Samo Mto Ibrahim: Yazidi refugee:
According to what we heard after Yazidi's came to Zakho that there are people who are living in unfinished buildings, they do not have blankets, water or food.
what do you demand?
we demand for services to be provided, food, and shelter, and to build camps. we ask this from the central government to take care of the refugees and the government of Kurdstan.
You have been here for a few days, how many time per day do you get provided with meals?
we receive two meals, lunch and dinner, but if we want breakfast we pay for it.
do you have any money?
not everyone, only a few people, so people received a salary from Kurdstan, but other do not have money nor jobs.
how do those people manage?
well it is very hard, if it was not for the aid, they could not have survived.
how are the humanity concerned institutions are being able to reach to you?
not all of them are able to reach us, and their abilities are little.

Hassan Suleiman:
The situation here is tragic, we thank the inhabitants of Kurdstan who provided us with many services, however, we did not receive anything from any governmental institutions, even the humanity institutions were not able to provide much for us.
we thank the families of Zakho, who helped us, we thank the family of Hashem Taaribi, who provided lunch and dinner meals for over 2000 people in Zakho.
concerning the governmental institutions, they did not provide much and there are lots of people with a tragic situation who are staying in the street, with no food or shelter, or even money.

Khoieda Suleiman:
we did not receive any aid from the government, all the help we got was from the inhabitants, from institutions or governmental institutions, we did not receive anything.
we are provided with two meals everyday, for lunch and dinner. in this school there are 600-620 individuals, and almost 100 families, we are provided with food and beverages, the man is doing his best.
our situation is difficult, but ever since we came here, they have providing food for us, he is doing his best.
is the food he is providing enough for you?
well to be honest, concerning water, we do not have water, and he is maybe incapable of providing breakfast, but he is bringing lunch and dinner for us. our situation is better than what we are hearing about other people in Sinjar and other areas, we are much better until now, but still, the situation is hard, as you can see.
Interviewer: what do you demand from then government?
we demand them to find a solution for us, concerning Sinjar, nobody wishes to leave their town, neighbors, and home, but if we return to Sinjar, we will suffer, and we do not want our children to suffer the way we did.