The Abandoned Yazidi Town of al-Shikhan


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Kurdistan, Iraq 14 Aug 2014

Isis Isil Isil Iraq Al Shikhan Shekhan Iraq Kurdistan Kurds Yazidi

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August 14, 2014
al-Shikhan, Iraqi Kurdistan

As ISIS expands their area of control, residents of the small Yazidi town of al-Shikhan, north-east of Mosul, abandon their homes in fear of the radical Islamist group. Although ISIS has not yet reached the Kurdish controlled town, they have taken control over the neighboring towns of Qaraqoush, Telkeif and Bartella. Many residents believe that ISIS will soon attack their town, and so have chosen to leave. The video shows little or no people on the streets as almost all the residents have left to the safety of Dhuk and Erbil.


Hussein Nermo, Former Yazidi Parliament Member