Yazidis Refugees Fleeing from Sinjar to the Turkish Border


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Iraq 09 Aug 2014

Yazidi Refugees Iraq Turkish Border Turkey Sinjar

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Location: the main road leading to Turkey in Zakho district 50 km north of the province of Dohuk.

Families of the followers of the Yazidi religion have left from Sinjar district upon Daesh's control of the land.

The refugees have confirmed that Daesh are practicing heinous acts against the Yazidis in Sinjar. That includes the murder and the slaughter of men furthermore they kidnapped more than 300 families, as well as the kidnapping of hundreds of girls and women and trapping about 100 thousand people in one of the mountains in Sinjar.

They expressed their fears of returning back to the areas that are under the control of Daesh and are demanding the international community to intervene to reduce the suffering .They talk about how the fighters are entering to their areas and slaughtering and kidnapping their people.