Starving in Al hajar al aswad during Ramdan


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Created by Rame ALsayaed

14 Jul 2014

Format mpeg4, Bitrate 3.793 mbps

Video Shot between 5 and 14 of Ramadan, 2014
Al Hajar Al Aswad, Yarmouk, Syria

Over half of the inhabitants of al-Hajar al-Aswad did not break their fast on the first day of Ramadan, due to a lack of supplies in the market and the lack of the ability to purchase anything, even if it was available. In addition to the water shortage that has being going on for 28 days.

This video was shot during the days 5-14 of Ramadan in different areas in al-Yarmouk camp in Damascus.

Some shots show the aid from UNRWA and others show protests demanding to end the siege applied on al-Yarmouk camp, and interviews with a few civilians talking about their situation


Um Mohamad
“Open the roads, all the people died, all the people died, people outside died and the people inside died, open the roads. Four young men died in the camp, four young men in the liberating army, Allah Akbar!
Open the roads so the families can return, my house is empty, Open the roads."

Um Wahib
“We are the families in al-Yarmouk camp, women, children and men. Our only wish is for the roadblock to be removed, we do not want the boxes (aid packages), it is true that a box lasts for a week and revives us but after the week is over how are we going to eat, there is no bread, no food. It is Ramadan and we are breaking our fast with water. We have only water for Iftar and Sahoor. So we ask the authorities to feel our pain and help us, and to make sure we receive the aid that is sent. We also demand peace for al-Yarmouk camp and for the inhabitants who left, to return”.

Haj Abu Khaled
“We do not have water to drink. It been a year since we've had electricity. If we got sick there would be no medications for us, we can only pray to God. The demand the right to return to Palestine, we are not even able to get the right to return to al-Yarmouk camp. It has been a year and we are homeless in the gardens of Damascus and we can not even get the right to return to al-Yarmouk camp which is three minutes walking distance”.