Mosul Refugees Describe Their Ordeal


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June 11, 2014
UNHCR refugee camp near Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan

Refugees from Mosul describe their situation at a UNHCR relief camp at an Iraqi-Kurdistan border checkpoint. Included is an interview with an American UNHCR representative.

Vox Pop 1: Catherine Robinson - UNHCR (English)

Vox Pop 2:
“The situation here in the camps is not bad, they [Iraqi-Kurdish Authorities] made a nice reception for us and they distributed the available aid. They welcomed us and they were not delinquent in their treatment of us, they gave us everything we need. This is the third day and the families who are here now number ten. There are people who came and they made them go back and more people are coming on the way”.

Vox Pop 3:
“We are fine and healthy, nobody is neglecting us and we are doing well. We would like to thank you and thank the whole staff for all this work you are doing for us. We came from Mosul, Tal al-Rumman. A day here and six days under the control, and we want to thank them, they brought us here and provided help for us and gave us services and everything”.

Vox Pop 4:
“We are refugees from Mosul and we came here because the situation in Mosul is tragic. We have been here for four days. I thank the Peshmerga here and the people who are working here who are helping us and the UN who have provided the tent I am living in with my children. Thank God for this. We have been here for four days and services are available, the water and the tent and everything, they are providing us with our needs. And it is very safe, I cannot even hear one bullet shot, it is very safe”.

Vox Pop 5:
“My name is Hussein Ali, from Mosul. We have been here for two days, we are humiliated and our situation is bad. What can we do? For two days, yesterday and today, we are sleeping in the car. Yesterday no tents were available, but today we are going to the tents. We have nobody in Erbil to go to Erbil and stay there, but people here were very helpful to us and they did not neglect us. Since yesterday, they help us and respect us. My name is Hussein”.