Syrians in Opposition-Held Idlib Condemn Presidential Election


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June 3, 2014
Rural Idlib, Syria

Residents and FSA fighters in rural, opposition-held Idlib discuss the the Syrian Presidential election and condemn it as illegitimate.

Ahmad (resident):
“Seven years ago I voted for Bashar al-Assad with my blood. We were ignorant, look, this is my home, I used to work day and night for 400 Syrian pounds [8$ at the time]. I had debts and I am very poor. After these three years my house is gone, my family’s house is destroyed. We do not know what to say to him [Bashar al Assad]. What election is he talking about after he destroyed the homes and widowed the women? And after children suffered terror from the Mig missiles? What election is he talking about?”

Abu Mohamad (FSA fighter):
“Concerning the people participating in the election, they are traitors just like Bashar. They participated in killing the Syrian people. They are the ones who sold the souls and the blood of Syrians, they sold their land to Bashar al-Assad and his people”.

Khaled (FSA fighter):
“The person who votes for Bashar is exactly similar to the soldier who is killing us and dropping bombs on us. Whoever votes for Bashar, sold his land and his blood and primarily his religion”.

Abu Youssef (FSA fighter):
“Concerning Idlib province, I have heard that they have food baskets near the polling stations. Each person who votes gets a food basket, each person who votes for this dictator who practiced all types of torture on us”.

Khalil (FSA fighter):
“The election is this weapon, how are we going to vote with the planes above us firing at us?”

Abu Uday (resident):
“This election has no base, where are the people who will vote? He is dropping barrel bombs on us everyday”.