EGYPT ELECTION: Sisi Supporters Celebrate Initial Results as International Observers Criticize Election


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Video shows Egyptians cheering in Tahrir Square as unofficial results from the Egyptian presidential election suggest a landslide victory for General Sisi. However, the election is coming under scrutiny by international election observers.

An interview with Dan Murphy, Program Manager of the Democracy International Electoral Observation Mission, argues that, by adding third day of voting, the Egyptian government degraded the integrity of the election. A third day of voting was added because of poor voter turnout on the first two days of voting.

Video also includes an interview with Issandr el-Amrani of the International Crisis Group and author of the popular blog 'Arabist'. B-roll also shows almost empty polling stations on days 1 and 2 of voting.

Shot list:
0' to 29'' People cheering in Tahrir Square on Thursday morning as unofficial results give Sisi a landslide victory in the Presidential elections marked by the polemic third day extension.

0'29'' Democracy International electoral observation mission's operations room in Cairo.

0'35'' A map of Egypt with DI organization.

0'41'' Dan Murphy, DI Program Manager:" Basically Democracy International believes that changing electoral procedures in the middle of an election is an action that can only be taken in extraordinary circumstances. And we believe that this decision didn't necessarily meet the criteria that one would have expected to see such a drastic change of procedures. We are concerned by because we think calls into question the independence of the electoral commission, the impartiality of the government and the integrity of the process. "

1'12'' A member of DI working

1'17'' Dan Murphy: "When we talk about extraordinary circumstances you mean something that might prevent voters from voting. For instance, a natural disaster or a situation where there were long lines throughout two days of voting and a significant number of people may have not have access to the process. And we don't think that was at all the case in this circumstance. "

1'36'' Outside a polling station in downtown on day one of voting

1'42'' Outside polling station in Shubra on day 2 of voting

1'52'' People checking lists on day 1

1' 57'' Day 1

2'03'' Inside voting room day 2

2'09 ballot box

2'14'' Voting zoom

2'24'' Issandr el Amrani on his desk

2'30'' Keyboard zoom

2'36'' Issandr el Amrani. International crisis group: " I think probably Sisi's biggest mistake was only last week that he expected 40 million people to vote for him. Well, it seems he got only about 25 million. If you believe the early preliminary results. He set too high ambitions for himself"
2'55'' Issandr's back on the computer

3'01'' "This is a very very polarized country. There's a big group of people in the middle who just go along, who just want their lives to get better. So I'm not sure this will hurt Sisi's ability to govern, or to hurt him at least immediately as a president. The reality is that most of the State's institutions back him as candidate".