Sisi Election Rally


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1- Men from Upper Egypt chant for presidential hopeful And el Fatah el Sisi at the entrance of the Cairo International Conference Center, where the meeting took place. Initially, it was scheduled in the Cairo International Stadium, but it was changed last minute for fear of low attendance. People gathered at the Chinese Gardens of the Conference Center.

2- A young girl dressing a T-Shirt of Sisi makes the victory sign.

3- Women cheer as they arrive to the meeting.

4- Women happily dancing and doing the victory sign. The atmosphere was that of a party.

5- A coptic religious man is seen with muslim men. A woman says: "All the Egyptian people is one hand. All with Sisi in the name of God"

6- A man plays his flute while others dance.

7- Mohammed And el Azi Gohar, from Haoumdiya: "We came today to say yes, yes, yes to… ???

8- A woman chanting

9- Alaa: "We came from the end of the country to help Sisi… ???

10- Men show a slogan in which says that Muslims and Christians are one hand in Egypt.

11- "Mustafa Ahmed, form Minya (in Upper Egypt) has a message to help the Field Marshall And el Fatah el Sisi… ???

12- Young Sisi followers chant with enthusiasm, noting that young people are there.

13- View from the first rows while the famous song Tislam el Ayadi is being played.

13- A woman stands in the middle of the crowd waiting for the speeches.

14- A general view of the Chinese Gardens. People was sitting on chairs. The attendance was somewhere between 3 and 6 thousand people.

15- Night felt. A family make the victory sign with posters supporting El Sisi.

16- Ali Gomaa, former Egypts grand Mufti ( 2003-2013) was one of the public figures addressing the public.

17- An spectator films Ali Gomaa with his mobile

18- Mostafa Bakry, who once said all americans must be killed if Sisi was assassinated, was another public figure giving a speech.

19- A woman looks at the stage.

20- A Christian Coptic religious man (Unidentified) was also giving a speech to the crowd. Here he repeats the Sisi campaign slogan: "Tahya Masr" (Vive l'Egypte)

21- Two young men salute to the camera.