The Day I Stopped Painting - Port Said Massacre


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The Day I Stopped Painting


The documentary tells the story of Khaled Omar, the 17-year-old graffiti painter who was killed in Port Said stadium among other 71 young people from the Ultras Ahlawy group in February 2012. It is believed that they were killed as a revenge for their participation in the Egyptian Revolution. The film follows the stories of the Ultras group before the 25th January revolution until the 30th June 2013 demonstrations, which ended the Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt.

On the walls of the houses and Metro station in Omrania, you can see the Graffiti painted by Khaled Omar.

Khaled's story is told through his family and friends. A mother who lost her young talented son, his brother who chanted with him in the stadium and shared moments of fun and joy, his cousin and colleague in Ultras who helped him painting Graffiti, his friend who went with him to Port Said stadium and came back alone.

Khaled died, but his Graffiti didn’t. His brother still redraws it so his colors do not die. He also continues, with Khaled's friends, painting pictures of him on the walls of the metro station and the walls of Omrania. They celebrated his 18th birthday with a big Graffiti in front of his house that says “Khaled, we won’t forget you”.

In many streets, Ultras Ahlawy members keep painting Graffiti of their martyrs, and sing. An Ultras song says "The day I stop chanting, I would be surely dead”. Recently they made T-shirts with a new song written on it after the massacre "The day I stop demanding your revenge, I would be surely dead."

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