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Gokben. Age 35. Marketing operator.

"I started to go to Gezi Park on May 31st. We just want our freedom. We are against prohibitions. We are against the government policy about terrorists and terrorism. The president makes deals with heads of terrorist organizations and we don't accept that. He sells Turkish companies to foreign companies. He hates Ataturk and he tries to destroy Ataturk's principles, works, etc. He cuts trees to make buildings and his aim is to earn lots of money for his family and his supporters. He wants everybody to think like him, behave like him, and live like him. It is not possible. There are many reasons why we want the government to resign.
We collected garbage in Gezi Park. We sang a song. We ate lunch and dinner together. We bought water, bread, chocolate, litter bags and medicine for our friends who are sleeping at night in Gezi Park.I am working so that I can go after my job and during weekends."

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