Tamarod - The "Rebellion" against Morsi

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Tamarod (Rebellion), is an Egyptian campaign launched by a coalition of groups and movements of the civil society to demand the resignation of President Morsi.
Whenever confronted with critics, waves of protests and clashes, the Muslim Brotherhood constantly repeats that Morsi was democratically elected by more than 13 million people. Thus, Tamarod aims to collect by the end of June, 15 million signatures of people who are asking for Morsi's resignations and early elections.
The initiative - highly symbolic since it has no legal basis in the Egyptian constitution - is gaining ground thanks to the volunteers who are copying and distributing the forms everywhere in the country.

The video is 2 minutes and 18 seconds long and it features interviews and images of people signing the petition.

1- woman stopping taxis to give them the form, telling them "It's against Morsi"
2- interview in english with a volunteer. "The goal of Tamarod... we want to explain that we refuse the Muslim Brotherhood regime and Morsi as well"
3- woman distributing the form. Two women walk past saying "We don't want him (Morsi)"
4- interview with second female volunteer. "We are collecting 15 millions petitions... 15 Million petitions, to tell the public opinion in Europe and in Egypt that Morsi has to resign".
5- Three shots of the second volunteer collecting signatures and showing the papers.
6- close shot of woman holding the "Tamarod" petition. In the background we can hear demonstrators saying "we want the fall of the regime"
7- Eight shots of people signing forms. One guy waiting for a man to take a picture of him holding the Tamarod petition. Background interview in English with the first volunteer saying "Their excuse is that Morsi received 15 million votes, so we are trying to show them that more than this number refuses the Muslim Brotherhood. This is not just from Cairo, but also a lot of states (governorates) like Alexandria, Suez as well, Port Said and some cities in Upper Egypt"
8- volunteer talking to a man at intersection, while another man on a motorcycle reads the Tamarod papers
9- Interview in arabic with young volunteer from Alexandria. "The next 30 of June we will have collected 15 million requests or more...."
10- Young volunteers stopping cars to distribute the petition in Mohamed Mahmoud Street. The interview continues in the background "The government of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the one of Morsi, the present government of the Muslim Brotherhood, did not break with the past, with Mubarak. The government of Morsi and that of Mubarak are the same". "For this reason the Egyptian people are returning again to the streets, to the square (Tahrir), to let Morsi and his group know "we don't want you!"
11- shots of women chanting in Tahrir square. "A new revolution in the square" and "down with Morsi"
12- interview in arabic with second volunteer "we don't want Mubarak or Morsi. We want young people, people from here, from Tahrir"
13- Woman with three children holding the "Tamarod signs" and singing "Erhal (Leave)"

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