Anti-Morsi Demonstration in Egypt

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Hundreds of anti-Morsi protestors marched on Friday, May 17, from Mostafa Mahmoud Square to iconic Tahrir Square, in a million-man- march dubbed "Going Back to the Square" in solidarity with the recently-launched 'Rebel' campaign.

'Rebel' is a grassroots movement aimed at registering opposition to President Mohamed Morsi and forcing him to call early presidential elections by collecting as many as 15 million signatures by 30 June. The group says they have already collected 2 million names. The group officially launched on 1 May.

Major demands of the anti-government demonstration include early presidential elections, the release of detained political activists, and a new constitution.

Protestors voice their rejection to Morsi’s economic policies, including the new tax system and the government’s attempts to secure a $4.8bn loan from the International Monetary Fund.

A handful of political parties and movements announced plans to partake in the planned rallies. These include the Constitution Party, the Free Front for Peaceful Change the Free Egyptians Party, April Six Youth Movement and ‘Rebel' campaigners.

Egypt's opposition has grown increasingly discontent with President Mohamed Morsi's attempts to monopolize state institutions and smother dissent. The opposition accuses Morsi of governing only in the interests of his Muslim Brotherhood, while he insists he is the president of all Egyptians.

Since Morsi was elected last June, Egypt has continued to suffer from a serious political and economic crisis, and there have often been frequent clashes, sometimes deadly, between his opponents and supporters.

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Shooting Dateline: May 17, 2013
Shooting Location: Cairo, Egypt
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