US to provide Lebanon with more than $10 million to aid Syrian refugees

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Lebanese President Michel Suleiman met on Tuesday, May 14, with Philip Gordon, a special assistant to United States President Barack Obama for Middle East issues.

Gordon announced that the US will be providing the Lebanese government with USD 10 million to be added to the USD 36 million offered as part of a financial assistance package to help the Syrian refugees.

Suleiman and Gordon discussed the relationship between Lebanon and the U.S., regional issues, developments in Syria and the increasing number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, according to the statement.

Gordon, a coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf Region, praised Suleiman’s role in preserving stability in Lebanon and stressed the importance of holding parliamentary elections scheduled for June, according to a statement issued by Suleiman’ office.

Gordon also condemned Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria, fighting on behalf of the Assad regime, which risks drawing Lebanon into the conflict and is counter to the Lebanese government’s policies,” the statement said.

According to a U.S. Embassy statement, Gordon expressed his country’s grave concern about the situation in Syria and condemned continued shelling of Lebanese territory from Syria.

He called on all parties in the region to avoid any actions that would exacerbate the crisis in Syria, increase the propensity for spillover violence, and negatively affect civilian populations,” the Embassy statement noted.

Gordon said his country urged all international donors to help Lebanon meet their obligations to the refugees.

The Embassy added that Gordon praised Beirut and the generosity of the Lebanese people for hosting and supporting thousands of refugees in Lebanon.

He reiterated Washington’s support for the so-called “Baabda Declaration” and Lebanon’s disassociation policy.

For his part, President Suleiman thanked the United States for its constant support to Lebanon in all the fields.

Gordon also held separate talks with House Speaker Nabih Berri in the presence of U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Maura Connelly.

Gordon said the U.S. would maintain its support for the Lebanese Army in order to enhance the military’s capabilities along the border and inside Lebanon.

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