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Lubna Lal talks to a man during her door to door and street campaign in Jhelum, Punjab. Its is the first time in history of Pakistan that transgenders are contesting elections.

46 years old Lubna Laal and Sidra roam around in streets of Jhelum, a city in North Punjab, distributing pamphlets and posters to housewives shopkeeper and common folk. The pamphlets contain Lubna Laal's election manifesto and her posters have a very beautiful and serious Lubna Laal posing as a politician. But its not an ordinary election campaign, Lubna Laal is a transgender and she is running for elections on a provincial assembly seat.

Lubna Laal's original name is Mujahid Kamran and she was born and raised in inner Jhelum city. She left house at an early age and did some schooling. Her main source of income like most transgenders in Pakistab was dancing in weddings and newborn baby celebrations. Now 46, Lubna has left dancing and now manages few other younger transgenders and lives with them in a small house in suburbs of Jhelum city.

Lubna Laal is very popular among housewives of inner Jhelum and equally loved by shopkeepers in bazaars of Jhelum. She says this popularity is because she's been working in these areas since a long time.

Lubna says the response to her campaign has been very positive and people have appreciated her hard work and passion. She aspires to become a provincial assembly member in the coming days. Her manifesto included program to educate transgender community and bring them in the mainstream.

Jhelum is a small city in north of densely populated Punjab province of Pakistan. It is home to very powerful and influential politicians who have no shortage of support and money.

Lubna Laal is very hopeful that she will give these politicians a tough time and that people of Jhelum will support her.

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