Imran Khan's Final Election Rally in Islamabad - Interview 1

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Zahid Hussain talks about a recent accident in which Imran Khan, the chairman of PTI was injured and its impact on election campaign.

"One thing should be very clear, security threats or not, we’ve come out to save our country and we have to save this country of ours. Since the creation of our country, it has been destroyed between dictatorships and democracy.
PPP and Nawaz Sharif have taken their turns in the past, neither of them delivered. Now we have to give a chance to Imran Khan, it should be very clear.

Imran Khan is our captain, he has the capability to lead our country and we hope that he will fulfill his promise.

The recent accident was not intentional at all and it was from God. It was a lifter accident which was overloaded. It was the responsibility of government to make sure there was an ambulance present at the venue.

He is a true leader and true patriot, not some layman so he should have been provided a secure lifter to avoid the accident. He does 4-5 rallies every day he must have been exhausted.

If Imran Khan is given a chance and he becomes a prime minister, you will see Pakistan standing next to USA in next 5 years."

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