Women Who Have Lost in Armenia

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Although the ceasefire agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan was signed in 1994, peace didn't come with it. Ceasefire violations along the border are nearly an everyday reality in Armenia.

Unemployment and poverty, which affects more than one third of Armenia's male population in border cities and villages, has forced them to still risk their lives serving in the military as contractors after they fulfilled their mandatory service.

This multimedia piece features women who have lost their husbands and sons during ceasefire violations. These widows are now forced continue living their daily lives andtake care of their families alone.

On June 18, 2008, two residents of the Armenian village of Chinari (Tavoush) were killed by an Azerbaijani sniper. Twenty year-old Levon Petrosyan died from his wounds. When fifty year-old Rafik Saghoyan went to help Levon, he too was struck down.

On April 27, 2012 three Armenian soldiers were killed during clashes with an Azerbaijani military unit that had infiltrated the border of Tavoush Province. The soldiers who died defending the border were Arshak Nersisyan, Davit Abgaryan and Aram Yesayan.

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