Protest outside Egypt’s High Court

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Hundreds of protestors gathered on Friday, March 29, outside Egypt’s High Court headquarters downtown Cairo, to participate in a protest under the motto "We are not threatened."

Protestors shouted statements against President Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood group, the general prosecutor and the supreme guide of the Brotherhood.

Protestors chained the gates of the High Court in a symbolic move and held signs demanding the “arrest and summons of the prosecutor-general.”

Protestors denounce the ‘Brotherhoodization’ of the judiciary and the summons of five opposition activists earlier this week.

The call to protest follows a decision by general prosecutor Talaat Abdullah to issue arrest warrants against four prominent “activists,” including Alaa Abdel-Fattah and Hazem Abdel-Azim. Both men have been charged with inciting violence against the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters in Cairo’s Moqattam district.

The protest was called for by the country’s main opposition bloc National Salvation Front (NSF) to show solidarity with political activists charged by the prosecutor-general with inciting violence during last week's clashes near the Muslim Brotherhood’s Cairo headquarters.

Some political figures and groups accuse Abdullah of having sympathies with the Muslim Brotherhood and ignoring complaints against Brotherhood officials who were accused of inciting violence during last December’s clashes outside the presidential palace in Cairo.

They are demanding the immediate dismissal of prosecutor general Talaat Abdullah, Justice Minister Ahmed Mekky and Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim.

Earlier this week, Cairo's Appeal Court overturned the appointment of Abdullah by President Mohamed Morsi in a highly controversial decree last November. It remains unclear whether the presidency will comply with the court order. Protestors called for the implementation of the court rule.

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Shooting Dateline: March 29, 2013
Shooting Location: Cairo, Egypt
Publishing Time: March 29, 2013
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  1. Various shots of protestors raising banners outside Egypt’s High Court building downtown Cairo
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  4. Various shots of protestors shouting statements outside the High Court Building downtown Cairo
  5. Medium shot of a banner raised by the protestors bearing words against the extradition of former Libyan figure Ahmed Qaddaf Al-Damm to Libya
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  10. Various shots of protestors shouting against the Muslim Brotherhood outside the High Court building downtown Cairo
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