Thousands attend funeral of Egyptians killed in Port Said clashes

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Thousands of residents of the Suez Canal city of Port Said in eastern Egypt rallied Monday, March 4, in a funeral procession for two men killed during clashes with security forces the day before.
Mourners gathered outside a city mosque and performed prayers for the dead Monday. They then began processions carrying the coffins one after another to the cemetery, chanting, "The martyr is the beloved of God".
Mourners chanted against the interior ministry as well as the Muslim Brotherhood, the group from which President Mohamed Morsi hails.
Port Said was revisited by violence on Saturday but the clashes in the city between protesters and police turned deadly on Sunday after 39 defendants in the Port Said Trial were transferred out of Port Said on Sunday morning.
Police fired intense rounds of teargas throughout the day at demonstrators who opposed an interior ministry decision to transfer 39 prisoners from Port Said to Wadi Natroun prison in Beheira governorate, on the other side of the Nile Delta.
Keeping the defendants in Port Said is a popular demand among the city’s residents.
The prisoners are detained on charges related to the violence at Port Said stadium in February 2012, when over 70 Ahly football club fans were killed.
Sunday's clashes also led to the death of another civilian and two police conscripts, according to the health ministry. Over 400 were injured, according to ministry sources.
This comes ahead of the expected second phase of the Port Said trial scheduled for 9 March, where the 52 remaining defendants out of the total 73 will be issued verdicts. Twenty-one defendants were issued with death sentences in the first set of verdicts.
Thousands of Port Said residents have been conducting a campaign of civil disobedience during the past two weeks to protest marginalization policies at the hands of the central government and to demand justice for those killed in recent clashes.
Several media outlets gave conflicting reports of police and army soldiers exchanging fire at the end of the tense day. Egyptian armed forces official Spokesperson Colonel Ahmed Ali denied the reports on social networks.
Military police deployed to secure the gathering. Many people have responded to a popular campaign to collect signatures to delegate the army with managing the affairs of the state.

STORY: Thousands attend funeral of Egyptians killed in Port Said clashes

Local News Agency: Middle East Bureau / VCS
Shooting Dateline: March 4, 2013
Shooting Location: Cairo, Egypt
Publishing Time: March 4, 2013
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  1. Zoom out shot of mourners of Port Said victims shouting against the Interior Ministry
  2. Pan left shot of mourners carrying coffin of one of Egyptians killed in clashes with security forces at Port Said yesterday and shouting "the martyr is the beloved of God"
  3. Various shots of mourners chanting, "the martyr is the beloved of God" and other statements against Morsi
  4. Various shots of mourners during the funeral of civilians killed in clashes
  5. Close up shot of a woman wearing black clothes and standing in the funeral of the victims
  6. Various shots of women participating in the funeral of the victims and saying statements against President Morsi
  7. Medium shot of a veiled woman saying to President Morsi “If you know how to read, so you have to read the history of Port Said, the city of resistance.
  8. Various shots of mourners walking in the funeral of the victims including army officials with Quran is hearing in the background
  9. Various shots of mourners in the funeral along with army vehicles walking in the funeral
  10. Tilt down shot of the paper distributed to people in Port Said by a popular campaign to collect signatures to delegate the army with managing the affairs of Port Said
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