Egyptians Rally against Morsi in anniversary of Mubarak ouster


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STORY: Egyptians Rally against Morsi in anniversary of Mubarak ouster
Local News Agency: Middle East Bureau / VCS
Shooting Dateline: February 11, 2013
Shooting Location: Cairo, Egypt
Publishing Time: February 11, 2013
Length: 00:01:17
Video Size: 63.2 MB
Language: Arabic
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Camera: VCS


  1. Various shots from demonstrations.
  2. Medium shot of a protestor holding papers with anti-Morsi words on them.
  3. Various shots from demonstrations by the Presidential Palace.
  4. Wide shot of demonstrators with water cannons being used on them.
  5. Wide shot of demonstrators escaping teargas from canisters fired by the police.


Hundreds of Egyptians marched on Monday, February 11, to the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis, protesting against President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, the group which he hails from.

The demonstrators chanted statements against Morsi and his group with calls for him to step down.

Protestors demand the downfall of the regime, justice for martyrs and social justice.

Protesters on Monday have been planning to voice their rejection of perceived repressive measures adopted by Egypt's Islamist-led government and what the opposition sees as persistent attempts to crush the revolution.

Thirteen Egyptian political parties and movements have announced plans to stage mass anti-government rallies on Monday to mark the second anniversary of former president Hosni Mubarak's ouster.

The opposition released on Monday a statement that says "two years after the first victory of the revolution (Mubarak's ouster), Egypt's first democratically elected president has set a record for lying and broken promises. Blood was shed yet again and martyrs fell under Brotherhood rule, which has perfected the arts of repression, brutality and abduction."

On the other hand, the masked Black Bloc of Egypt said on social networks that February 11 will witness the “storming of the palace,” asking Morsi to choose between departure or chaos.

Black Bloc also announced plans to block the Mogamma building in Tahrir Square on Monday, the country's largest administrative building, in the run-up to a civil disobedience campaign called for by some revolutionary groups on social networks.

Security forces beefed up their presence outside the presidential palace in anticipation of marches descending on the area on the second anniversary of Hosni Mubarak’s departure.

In the evening security forces used water cannons on protestors and also teargas canisters.

Violence erupted and demonstrators answered by throwing rocks at the palace.

Later in the evening a video was posted on the internet of security soldiers dragging a civilian on the ground by the palace, which angered all viewers. The unharmed soldiers retreated to their armored vehicle after a Molotov bottle was thrown at them and the civilian escaped with his leg on fire.

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