Hundreds Of Protesters In Tahrir Square Demand Implementation Of Islamic Sharia Law


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Hundreds of Islamist supporters gathered on Friday, November 2, at Iconic Tahrir Square, for a preliminary demonstration calling for the implementation of Sharia (Islamic law) in Egypt’s new constitution.
Protestors chanted statements calling for the implementation of the Islamic law like “No democracy, no liberalism, only Sharia.”
Protesters said "We are here to tell the Constituent Assembly which is tasked with drafting Egypt’s new constitution that Egypt is an Islamic country."
They are also calling for Sharia to become the only source of legislation.
A stage was set in the square with speakers calling for the application of Islamic Sharia in an attempt to mount the pressure on the Constituent Assembly.
A mass rally is scheduled for 9 November by a group of Islamist forces to reinforce their demand.
Several Islamist political groups, including Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya, the Freedom and Justice Party and Al-Dawa Al-Salafiya have announced that they will form a coalition of political parties and Islamic forces to ensure that Egypt's new constitution is shaped in accordance with Islamic Sharia law, as they said they will organize a protest on November 2 to press for their cause.
However, the Islamist coalition agreed to postpone Friday's planned protests, which had been planned under the slogan "Demanding the application of Sharia in the constitution," until they are able to rally more people for their cause.

Story: Hundreds of protesters in Tahrir demand implementation of Islamic Sharia Law
Local News Agency: Middle East Bureau / VCS
Shooting Dateline: November 2, 2012
Shooting Location: Cairo, Egypt
Publishing Time: November 2, 2012
Length: 0:01:44
Video Size: 85.9 MB
Language: Arabic
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Camera: VCS


  1. Various shots of hundreds of protestors at Tahrir Square standing around stage set on the square and listening to one of the speakers one of the protestors waving with a flag
  2. Medium shot of a speaker on the stage addressing the protestors
  3. Various shots of protestors raising flags and listening to the speaker at Tahrir Square
  4. Close up shot of one of Spokesman for the Salafi Group Dr. Hesham Kamal addressing the protestors at Tahrir square
  5. Medium shot of protestors at Tahrir Square
  8. Pan right shot of protestors at Tahrir square, Islamic songs heard in the background
  9. Medium shot of protestor raising a banner calling for the implementation of the Islamic sharia law
  10. Various shots of protestors raising banners and waving with flags, Islamic songs playing in the background
  11. Medium shot of a man raising a banner calling for the resignation of the general prosecutor
  12. Wide shot of protestors at Tahrir square
  13. Zoom in shot of protestors marching at Tahrior square and shouting for the implementation of the Islamic sharia law
  14. Various shots of protestors at Tahrir square
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