#GlobalNoise, Barcelona (6 of 10)

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Barcelona, Spain - Noisemaking protest against payment of public debt.
Thousands of "outraged" people responded to the call of the 13-O #Globalnoise rally in Barcelona Saturday, driven by the 15-M Occupy Wall Street movement. The protest, of which several were held simultaneously in over 30 countries and hundreds of cities around the world, were staged to voice rejection of payment of public debt, which is said to be "illegitimate and only benefits the finical powers." The protest started in the Plaza de Catalonia with demonstrators banging pots and pans to make noise, and continued through the streets of Barcelona, under the slogan, "We must not, do not pay."

Protesta y cacerolada global contra el pago de la deuda pública.
Miles de personas 'indignadas' se suman a la convocatoria del 13-O en Barcelona.
Barcelona, España - Miles de personas han participado este sábado por la tarde el centro de Barcelona a la protesta global 13-O # Globalnoise, impulsada por el movimiento de indignados del 15-M y Ocupamos Wall Street. La convocatoria, simultánea en más de 30 países y en cientos de ciudades de todo el mundo para mostrar el rechazo al pago de la deuda pública "ilegítima y que sólo beneficia al poder financiero": Se ha iniciado la protesta con una cacerolada en la plaza de Catalunya y a continuacion se han manifestado por las calles de Barcelona bajo el lema “No debemos, no pagamos”.

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