Thousands of Copts outside Egyptian State TV Building Mark Last Year's Clashes

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Thousands of Egyptian Copts marched from the district of Shubra near downtown Cairo to the state radio and television building, on Tuesday evening, October 9, marking the first anniversary of the Maspero clashes between protesting Copts and army soldiers that resulted in 27 deaths.
The protestors were chanting national songs with music playing in the background, shouting statements against former the Field Marshall who was the head of Egypt’s ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) at that time.
Not only Copts who participated in the march, but a lot of Muslims marched with them to show solidarity with their fellow Egyptians, all calling for retaliation for the victims of Maspero clashes.
During the march, some shouted statements like “The people want execution of the Field Marshall," while others carried banners of Tantawi and his deputy Sami Anan execution ropes around their necks.
They demanded justice for those killed when military and security forces violently dispersed a Coptic sit-in outside the state TV building against assaults on Coptic churches at the time.
The Maspero Youth Union, which was formed in March 2011 to defend the rights of Egypt’s Coptic minority, organized the march while many other movements participated in the march like the April 6 Youth Movement, the Democratic Revolutionary Alliance, Hamdeen Sabbahi’s new Popular Current Part and other coalitions and parties.
The deadly incident occurred when a peaceful march against the destruction of a church in Aswan and the authorities' subsequent inaction was confronted by the military near the building in Maspero, central Cairo, on October 9, 2011, killing at least 27.

Local News Agency: Middle East Bureau / VCS
Shooting Dateline: October 9, 2012
Shooting Location: Cairo, Egypt
Publishing Time: October 9, 2012
Language: Arabic
Organized by:
Camera: VCS

1. Long shot of Coptic protestors holding a big poster of Mina Daniel marching from Shoubra district to the Egyptian State Television building marking the first anniversary of clashes with Army last year
2. Wide shot of the protestors in the march, and some are holding crucifixes while a loud music is playing
3. Long shot of some protestors holding a man from Al-Azhar while he’s chanting “Retaliation is the solution”
4. Various shots of the protestors in the march shouting “Retaliation”, while loud music is playing
5. Wide shot of the march while the music is still playing
6. Long shot of Egyptian women in pharaonic outfits raising posters of victims of maspero clashes back in 2011
7. Wide shot of some of the protestors holding a large black banner with large red cross on the middle of it
8. Medium shot of a protestor holding the Bible and the Holy Quran
9. Wide shot of the march and the women in the pharaonic outfits are walking in the forefront
10. Long shot of girls wearing black t-shirts with large red crosses on it, and holding large circles of flowers
11. Medium shot of Head of The Egyptian Social Democratic Party, Mohamed Abu Alghar walking with some priests in the march
12. Various long shots of the protestors in front of the Egyptian State Television building chanting
13. Medium shot of some protestors kicking and burning a stuffed figure in army uniform representing former Head of Military Police Hamdy Badeen
14. Close, pan left shot of the protestors raising their hands with victory signs, while loud music is playing
15. Wide shot of the protestors in front of the Egyptian State Television building chanting
16. Archived various shots of militaries armored vehicles attacking the protestors who respond with hurling stones and trying to block their way with cars

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